3 Benefits to Having Your Dallas Home Foundation Repaired

A foundation is the base of your Dallas home. It is the ground your home stands on and depends on for stability. Therefore, your foundation deserves regular maintenance and attention. Without a stable foundation, a great deal of problems can arise. Not just that, but having your foundation repaired and in top shape has many benefits too. If you live in Dallas, Texas, you’re in luck. Innovative Foundation Repair is just around the corner and we are more than happy to offer our foundation services right away. Now let’s get into what we can do for you and why getting your foundation repaired is beneficial. 

What Causes Problems in Your Foundation?

The most common reason that problems arise with your foundation is the soil. Most grounds in Dallas, Texas, are made out of expansive clay soil. This type of soil expands when it is exposed to an excess amount of water and contracts when there is little moisture. Therefore, the ground can be very unstable, especially since rainy days are very common here. A leaking pipe can also cause an excess of water. This shifting and movement of the soil causes the foundation to crack. 

Types of Foundation Issues

Here are a couple of issues that arise with your foundation and effect your home:

  • Cracks and Fractures: cracks in your foundation, floors, walls, or exterior are great indicators that your foundation is undergoing damage. Some cracks over the years are normal, but if you notice a horizontal or 45 degree angled crack, get in touch with Innovative Foundation Repair immediately.  
  • Sinking and Uneven Floors: If your floors are uneven and your home seems to be sinking, whether one side is lower than the other or the center of the building is dipping, you have a grave foundation issue.
  • Doors and Windows: if there are gaps around your window and door frames or if they don’t close properly, you are most likely experiencing foundation failure.

Benefits of Foundation Repairs

Now that you know the types of issues that can arise, we are going to show you some benefits of having us repair your foundation you may not have thought of.

Time Saver

When you allow us to repair your foundation early on, we can avoid a lot of bigger and extensive projects. Serious foundation problems can be a very time consuming problem and can wreak issues in your interior walls and ceilings.

Boosts Home Value

When you plan to sell your home, you want to ensure the stability of your home overtime, so investing in repairs now will increase your home’s appeal. Homebuyers want to feel confident in the stability of their property, so repairing your foundation makes your home an attractive investment.

Keeps Yard in Top Shape

Your yard is a big part of your home’s appearance. A damaged foundation can affect your yard. Soil erosion and uneven earth are often due to poor drainage. Our foundation repairs will address this issue and make sure there’s no standing water in your yard.

Innovative Foundation Repair in Dallas, Texas

If you live In Dallas, Texas, Innovative Foundation Repair is only a call away. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate. Let’s give your foundation the stability your home deserves!



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