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Poor drainage around your home can cause excessive seasonal foundation movement, including heaving. If your foundation heaves, it may be necessary to install a surface drain, a French drain, or a combination of both. Innovative Foundation will develop a customized solution that is specific to the needs of your home or business.

Drainage is typically needed when there are issues with standing water around a property. Pooling water in a yard, driveway, or roadway is a potential safety hazard and can cause property damage.

If you have concerns about the negative effects of water on your foundation, the drainage installation process is worth knowing about. Surface drains and French drains are particularly effective at eliminating water issues. They prevent water from causing foundation damage in slab foundations, and pier and beam foundations.

Types of Drainage Support

  • Drain Grates
  • Channel Drains
  • Swale Drains
  • Surface Drains
  • French Drains

What’s the Difference? 

Drain Grates

Drain grates protect the drain. They allow water to run into the drain riser pipe while preventing debris from clogging the drain. The grates can either be squared or round, and the size of them determines how much water can flow through them at a given time. We recommend cleaning your drain grates at least twice a year to make sure they stay clean so water can easily drain without causing you problems.

Channel Drains

Channel drains are great for spaces that are prone to flooding. Some of these areas include driveways, patios, gardens, parking lots, golf courses, walkways, pool decks, etc. These drains help avoid flooding after a large volume of rain, and they help reduce soil erosion.

Swale Drains

Swale drains are broad shallow ditches that can be lined with rocks, grass, and vegetation. They have an aesthetic appeal; they look like a dry stream bed. This is a more natural way to help prevent flooding in yards.

Surface Drains

Surface drainage removes excess water from the surface of the land. This is normally accomplished by shallow ditches, also called open drains. The shallow ditches discharge into larger and deeper collector drains. Surface drainage is typically needed when there are issues with standing water around a property. As mentioned above, pooling water in a yard, driveway, or roadway is a potential safety hazard and can cause property damage. 

French Drains

The French drain, also known as subsurface drainage, is the removal of water from the root zone. These drainage systems are implemented below the top layer of soil, and they work on the root level to remove excess water. In order to install the pipes, we dig deep open drains or buried pipe drains. The excess water from the root zone flows into the open drains. 

Subsurface drainage systems combine collection basins (also known as catch basins), and solid pipes to route water away from problem areas. Installing an underground drainage system involves digging trenches through the yard and installing strategically placed collection basins. We then build an underground tunnel system to transfer water to the desired outlet location. This is done by installing PVC pipes with perforated holes to ensure proper drainage.

Downspouts and Gutter Systems

In addition, Innovative Foundation will tie in all gutter downspouts where the problem area has occurred. Downspouts and gutter systems are your home’s or business’s first defense against over-saturation from stormwater. Their purpose is to move water away and route water to other drainage systems, either on the street or sidewalk. Downspouts and gutter systems are often drained into rain barrels, buried drain pipes, or other solutions.

Preventative Measures with Innovative Foundation 

Keep your foundation sturdy by having a high-quality drainage system installed. Innovative Foundation offers a number of solutions, and we tailor our products and services to meet your individual needs. Let’s protect your home’s or business’s foundation today!


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French Drain Diagram
French Drain Diagram
NDS Pipe
NDS Pipe
NDS Pipe Drain Diagram
NDS Pipe Drain Diagram



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