What Should You Do About Voids Under Your Slab Foundation?

Voids in your slab foundation can be disastrous. If you think you might have one forming under your house, commercial building, or any other kind of structure with a slab foundation, it’s best to contact a professional right away. Innovative Foundation Repair is just a call away and is always prepared to help with any repairs that your property’s foundation is facing.

What Are Voids And Why Are They A Problem For a Slab Foundation?

Slab foundations are meant to lay flat on the ground, supporting the building on top of it from the bottom up. However, sometimes the ground below doesn’t stay flat… When voids open up underneath the slab, there can be a lot of extra weight and pressure relying on the foundation that it wasn’t meant to hold.

Buildings depend on their foundations for stability and their ability to last many years. When a void appears underneath the slab, its integrity can be weakened and the chances of needing costly repairs will increase significantly. Cracks in the concrete of the slab can start to appear shortly after that increase in the existing pressure, and that can lead to a whole new set of issues. Staying aware of the hazards that your foundation might be facing can help you catch a void early and avoid some of the worst of the damage.  

What Causes Voids?

Voids under your slab foundation can happen because of many different reasons. Erosion and burrowing animals looking for shelter are among the most common reasons you might have a void begin to form under your foundation. Depending on where your building is located, elements like heavy rainfall or drought can also impact your foundation by forcing the underlying ground to change rapidly or to become too soft or crumbly. Voids in your foundation can also be a result of putting off or neglecting required maintenance for your foundation or the drainage systems around it.

Tips to Help Avoid Voids

How can you keep voids from forming under your slab foundations? Here at Innovative Foundation Repair, we’ve had some experience repairing voids, and we can help you know what to watch for to minimize the damage.

  • Be sure your soil is compacted tightly before the foundation is poured to lower any chances of the ground opening up or shifting without any external forces.
  • Keep your drainage systems up to date and be quick to act on any repairs they might need.
  • Watch for any cracks that might appear in your foundation or walls. If the damage is extensive or expanding, it’s best to go ahead and get repairs done.

While some foundation damage is inevitable over time, it’s important to do anything you can to help your foundation last as long as possible.

Expert Slab Foundation Repair In the North Texas Area

Innovative Foundation Repair is here to help make sure your slab foundations remain intact and functional. If you have noticed any new damage to your foundation, don’t wait until it gets worse to call us for help. We can have a team of experts come out to your property and get your foundation repaired in a timely manner. Call us today if you have any concerns about voids under your slab foundation!



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