How to Tell If You Need a Foundation Repair?

Foundations are the supporting base of a home or business. It is essential to provide regular maintenance so the base is always secured. However, many people forget that this part of your space needs upkeep. As other duties and responsibilities appear on your daily list, you may push foundation maintenance towards the bottom. However, a sturdy foundation provides security for your investment. You don’t need to worry about water damaging your home or business or about it collapsing down. Innovative Foundations has listed a couple of signs that indicate that you need a foundation repair. The best part is, we are only a call away.

Signs to Keep an Eye Out For

Here are a couple of signs that strongly indicate that your foundation needs attention.

Cabinets and Countertops

If you have noticed that your countertops and cabinets are tilting and/or moving away from the wall, pay close attention to the gap. At first, it may seem insignificant, but soon enough that gap will be ½” away from the wall. Then, you have a big problem. When your walls aren’t level, neither are the cabinets or other things in your space. This is caused by an uneven foundation.

Gaps Around Window Frames and Doors

If you notice gaps around your exterior window frames or doors, or that your doors no longer latch, then you are dealing with a foundation problem. Your doors can stop working properly altogether. For example, maybe the frames become crooked or your double doors don’t line up. This can become a safety issue too. Innovative Foundations can perform an inspection and find the root cause of the problem.

Floors Are Sagging or Uneven

Foundation issues impact your floors greatly. If they are dipping, sagging, bowing, or just out of level, then you have a problem. Impaired floors are dangerous to have around your property, especially if you have children, elders, or people who are physically impaired in your space. Prevent falls and other types of accidents by getting your foundation repaired as quickly as possible. 

Foundation Cracks

Cracks on your foundation or on the brick exterior of your property are clear indicators that your foundation will need to be repaired or replaced, depending on the severity of the issues. Texas is known for using expansive soil, which becomes a problem for foundations. When there’s excess moisture, the soil expands, which causes your foundation to move. When there’s a lack of moisture, the soil contracts, which again causes your foundation to move and form gaps/cracks/etc. Some gaps and cracks are normal; however, to ensure that no serious problems are present, we recommend giving Innovative Foundations a call. We will conduct a thorough inspection and decide the best course of action.

Innovative Foundations Is Here for You

Let’s secure your property with a professional foundation inspection. Innovative Foundations has been servicing the Dallas-Fort Worth area for many years. Our team has fixed all kinds of foundation issues, and we always have a solution. If you need a foundation repair, get in touch

with us right away.



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